fear them and try to have less if you can not eliminate all.  Having said that don’t obsess over them either. Even reading and learning is a start. Be content with what you can manage to eliminate, cumulatively it will help reduce your symptoms.
And yes fear them and try to have less if you can not eliminate all.  Having said that don’t obsess over them either. Even reading and learning is a start. Be content with what you can manage to eliminate, cumulatively it will help reduce your symptoms.
Here is a list of the boogieman.

1) Smoking

That is not good for you. You know it. So if you do, don’t. Why? It aggravates the insulin issue
  Blocks the arteries so you increase the already increased chance of cardiovascular issues. And you already know how smoking affects your fertility.

2) A Dusty House

It will sound like a log of an OCD, clean freak. But dust tends to be filled with toxins and chemicals. Try to keep your house clean especially if you live close to an industrial zone or in a big city.

3) Irregular Sleep

The main idea is, irregular periods of sleep aggravate the insulin issue.  When your sleep is irregular it affects your bio-rhythm. Sleep as much as your body needs and try to have a regular bed-time. Perhaps even a nice bedtime routine.  A dark, chilled and silent sleeping area is required for a great night sleep.  If you are an early riser you could try an eye band.  I swear by them.

4) Feeling Hopeless

IT can all feel daunting. Why did it happen to you? whining and self-pity or anger.  If these feelings linger they are just hurting you causing stress. Stress means adrenal fatigue that means more symptoms of PCOS. Read the psychology page for more details on how to.

5) Being Lazy

Move a little, stretch a little, every once in a while sweat out your nasties. Exercise is crucial in the elimination of toxins.

6) Eating large portions

People do get away with eating big portions of food and not eating for a longer period of time. It is a biological advantage from the days when the food source was scarce and eating big portions and then not eating was the only option. When you have PCOS it is not advised because it could temper with your blood sugar levels causing a peak and then a drop. Leaving you feeling fatigued and quickly craving again. However, don’t be eating non-stop because you want your insulin levels to normalize. Try to have a few hours in between your meals and have three meals and perhaps a few snacks.

7) Too Much Stimulants

Alcohol and drugs are obvious stimulants but keep an eye on your less rock and roll habits like coffee, excessive tea,  caffeinated beverages, chocolate, sugars.  Stimulants tend to work on the adrenals. Adrenal are already fatigued and overworked by stress. This would impair the delicate balance of insulin. Tiring you even further.

Coffee may act as fake estrogen too.

8) Sugars (and Processed Carbs)

Amongst all the other stimulants sugar deserves its own place. It is very important to balance our insulin and blood sugar levels.  So cakes and cheesecakes are not worth the risk. Fruits are great for nutrition and they could curb your need but don’t over do it.  go for the more low GI fruits like cherries and berries. Maybe add some cinnamon to help balance it

9) AGE's or Glycotoxins

This is a very convenient acronym since AGE, "Advanced Glycation Endproduct", are said to be related to aging. They occur when glucose binds to protein or fats. Not only do they cause oxidative stress but they also worsen the insulin issue. Simply, taking them off your diet could yield great results (1) Grilling, broiling, roasting, searing, and frying are all things that increase the AGE's (2) For more info

10) Processed foods

Rule of thumb, any list of ingredients that you cannot pronounce is probably bad for you. Eat real foods with bright colors. Avoid artificial colors and flavors, GMO, trans fats.

11) Pesticides

This deserves an extra attention. Sadly even when you are eating fresh produce, you might be getting toxins. They are endocrine disrupters, include heavy metals. These get stored in fat and stay with you forever.

12) Dairy and Meat

Dairy is a debatable one but one thing is for certain. If the animal is pumped with artificial hormones then it cannot be good for women with hormone issues, to begin with.  As the hormones get ingested it travels through your system and disrupts your own.  

13) Soy

Soy is a fake estrogen a.k.a. xenoestrogen, a.k.a. phytoestrogen.When your estrogen level is already going crazy then why add a random fake food that acts like it. It is a better idea to help the body produce its own.

14) Toxic Cosmetics and Cleaning Products

The xenoestrogens also lurk in these products as well. Our skin is semipermeable. There will be a constant traffic between you and the outside world.  Anything you put on your skin or you use to clean your environment might enter your body.  This might be via skin or as you inhale the air around you.
avoid PCOS
Insulin is correlated to hormonal issues. And just look at how chemicals correlate to insulin resistance.
The rule of thumb is to not use anything that you can not pronounce.
Just to name a few; parabens, anything with benzyl or petrol derivatives, phthalates, triclosan, perfume…
Look into DIY for easy recipes. Most of them are good enough to eat. Though I doubt they will be tasty.

Comments, questions, or you already have experienced this and you want to add.
Feel free to contribute below


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