sun vitamin d supplement

We all heard that a huge portion of the poulation is Vitamin  D deficient and that Vitamin D is extremely helpful especially with PCOS.


Before diving into the benefits looking at this map could help determine why.

  1. Helps with excess hair and acne.

    Vitamin D is closely related to androgens. Excess androgens(testosterone) mean excess hair and acne.

  2. May regulate sex hormones.

    Due to vitamin D’s capacity to intervene with arrested follicular development. More research is required. (2)

  3. Increase insulin sensitivity.

    Especially in obese women. (3)  Though usually not very effective as a singular treatment option. (4) Also Fewer sugar cravings. Regulates blood glucose levels. No sugar spikes mean less likelihood to binge on sweets. (5)

  4. Lowers inflammation.

    Shows promise in many kinds such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, inflammatory bowel disease, and type 1 diabetes; but also in infections, malignancies, transplant rejection, and cardiovascular diseases. (6)

  5. Regulates the metabolism.

    Especially since insulin is balanced the symptoms of metabolic syndrome is lowered.

  6. Increases the chance of fertility.

    Increases the chance o conceive It lowers the adverse pregnancy and birth outcomes.(7)

  7. May help combat obesity.

    Vitamin D and obesity are negatively correlated. Especially if the obesity is due to hyperthyroidism. (8)(9)

  8. Makes you happier.

    Lowers emotional PMS symptoms, seasonal depression, and depression. (10)

  9. Increases cardiovascular function.

    Better chance for a healthy heart and circulation. Heart diseases are more likely in women with PCOS.

  10. Anti-cancer effects.

    I hate to remind but PCOS increases the chance of uterine cancer.  (11)


Though not related to PCOS, still pretty great.

  • Respiratory system. Muscle function. Regulates the calcium levels. Immune system, which helps you to fight infection

How to get it?

  • Do it yourself. Easiest DIY ever. When you have enough direct sunlight it happens automatically. Like photosynthesis for humans.
  • Eat it. It’s in fish, liver, cheese, egg yolk and various fortified foods. This is a very natural way.
  • Supplement it. If live in close proximity to the polar bears or the penguin and if your levels are significantly low, then this might be the best option.


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