top 10 reasons for pcos probiotics

You are not alone. At any given moment you are a host to more than a kilo of micro-organisms. They live inside you and the good kind invaluably help you with the digestion. Then sometimes you get the bad kind to rule over your gut-flora-kingdom and you get all the symptoms of a food poisoning.
Gassy, bloated, nauseated, bad mood and irregular bowel movements. Or some syndromes like IBS, chronic candida, allergies, food sensitivities.
No does not sound good.
But probiotics just might be what you need.


  1. Probiotics help absorb everything better.       top 10 reasons for pcos probiotics

    From vitamins to minerals. Overall digestion health means increased efficiency so you are less likely to need supplements such as iron, calcium, magnesium.

  2. Help with weight 10 reasons for pcos probiotics

    It regulates metabolic functions like insulin resistance it helps with the stubborn weight issues that most women with PCOS have. (1)

  3. Lowers 10 reasons for pcos probiotics

    Dairy, gluten or sugar might be adding on to your inflammation issue if you have sensitivity.  Diverse and balanced microflora is shown to help with food sensitivities. (2)

  4. Better Immune 10 reasons for pcos probiotics

    Lowered inflammation means that the self-defense mechanisms will function properly.

  5. Free source of 10 reasons for pcos probiotics

    Like fermented foods that get their B12 through bacteria, the good bacteria in your digestive tract help refill the Vitamin B reserves. For free.

  6. Lowers the risk of 10 reasons for pcos probiotics

    Another Vitamin B bi-product of the probiotics is B9 also known as folic acid. Folic acid is used DNA synthesis and many metabolic processes.

  7. Help with hair 10 reasons for pcos probiotics

    Yet another Vitamin B, B7, Biotin is a frequently given supplement for women with hair loss. But the good bacteria in you can also do it.

  8. Helps with 10 reasons for pcos probiotics

    Better mood, less inflammation and better immune function equate to less likely-hood of PCOS based acne. (3)

  9.  Less likely to be 10 reasons for pcos probiotics

    You have probably heard of the gut being a sidekick to the brain. It has neural connections and somewhat autonomous. In a way, it is like a brain. An upset stomach usually results in an upset human altogether  Sometimes the reason for our minor mental discomforts lies in the unhappy gut-brain.

  10. It simply makes you happiertop 10 reasons for pcos probiotics

    An overall better absorption means better absorption of proteins and amino acids.  An amino acid called tryptophan is responsible for the serotonin production. It is likely to feel anxious or depressed when you have PCOS.

Especially if you are taking antibiotics or simply eating unbalanced and acidic food take special care of these helpful little creatures.


How to get your Probiotics?

Yes, there are supplements but probiotics are live cultures and usually eating a spoonful of sourkrout or yogurt does supply your probiotic need. (4) Only if you have specific intolerances or if you get extremely bloated by say cabbages or lactose then packed and purified probiotic supplements might be a better option for you.
So more vinegar, yogurt, sourkrout, kimchi, pickles, kefir, kombucha, brine-cured olives and the list goes on.
Also, important to note prebiotics. No, it is not a spelling error. These are foods that create the environment for the probiotics to thrive in. so more artichokes, garlic, and honey.

Comments, questions, or you already have experienced this and you want to add.
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