multivitamins for pcos




Do you need them?

Since you don't live in a secluded paradise where you eat a diverse palette of organic food, drink from a pristine mountain source, breathe in the fresh forest air. Then you would probably not need any supplements.

There is a chance that you are depleted of a variety of vitamins and minerals.

Balanced vitamins and minerals are shown to help with functions of your body, from the immune system to the mood (1)

But only the test results can tell for certain. Multivitamins are the pills that you will take if your test results tell you that you are missing a variety of things. Then, by all means, go for the multivitamin first.

If you are missing a few things and only those then you may not need multivitamins at all.

Which One?

Look for the high-quality options, preferably with folic acid, magnesium, and iron.

This is probably the hardest to pick because it varies immensely. Only after you have your test results you can make a personalized choice. Work with your doctor, nutritionist or pharmacist to get the more suitable option for you.

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