medical treatment PCOS

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Poly cystic ovarian syndrome is referred to as an untreatable condition. This page examines the medical options for the management of PCOS. This is what the science tells us. Whatever is written here comes from personal experience, passion and an ability to do research. This information here is here to guide you through possible medical treatment scenarios. They all require a doctor’s visit.
First, make sure that you actually have PCOS. There are so many similar issues that could show similar signs. Don’t self-diagnose. A doctor that you can trust would be highly beneficial since this is something that you would need to keep an eye out for life.
It depends on which criteria you take but this reputable source says that the frequency is between 15% to 20%.  That is a lot of women. That is a lot of women in need of some kind of treatment.  There are alternative methods. Feel free to cruise through the site.
However, medically speaking,
main options revolve around getting certain hormones externally.

  • BIRTH CONTROL PILLS: Most prominent hormone given as the medical treatment of PCOS is birth control pills.  It’s a combination of estrogen and progesterone.  This will regulate the menses, and even improve secondary issues like acne, hirsutism and even male type balding.

  • PROGESTERONE: You need to watch out for skipped periods, especially as you get older.  With irregular periods the uterine lining isn’t discarded as it would be in a balanced female reproductive system in 28 days.  If it is the lining stays so for a long duration, it may result in issues with fertility or even endometrial carcinoma (1) which is a cancer of the uterine lining. doctors usually suggest some form of progesterone in this case. Progesterone, in this case, would commence the elimination process.

  • FSH HORMONE: Some other hormone inducers for fertility like clomiphene citrate. This helps with the FSH(it is the hormone that encourages follicle growth)

  • ANTI-ANDROGENS: You could also be prescribed an androgen-lowering drug which will fight the balding, excess hair and acne.

  • LH AND FSH: Again a cocktail of artificial hormones.

  • DIABETES DRUGS: In addition to sex hormones you could be given an

    insulin related treatment.  Since insulin and blood sugar levels play a huge synergist role in PCOS.

However, all of these drugs give results only as long as you use them. Moreso these hormones may have adverse reactions that range from mild to intense. Even as you do your research and get on you will be first provided with the following as treatment  “Regular exercise, a healthy diet, weight control, and not smoking are all important parts of treatment for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

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medical treatment PCOS

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