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Remind yourself of these, the next time you want to skip your cycling class.

  • Exercise Helps Lose Weight (successfully)

  • Increases Resting Metabolic Rate  (you burn more calories at rest)

  • Reduces Insulin Resistance (1)

  • Lowers Inflammation (2)

  • Improves Autonomic Function (3)

  • Lowers Bad Cholesterol

  • Secrete Happy Hormones (Endorphins)

  • Increases Brain Functions

  • Increases Energy Levels

  • You Look Great

  • Get Strong

It is fair to say that this journey with PCOS is about finding the balance. Same goes for PCOS and sports. It’s just about finding the balance between instant gratification and long-term wellbeing.

Don’t be at an extreme. Stay within the gray area between a couch potato and an obsessive Olympic athlete. Forcing yourself does not yield great results.(4) Instead of trying too hard, try for milder alternatives. They might take a bit more time to show results but it will be a more lasting result when the day comes.

How do you make sports a part of your lifestyle?

Luckily, sports for PCOS is very simple really. Like some light cardio that will not disrupt your breath. Try regular walking. Maybe when you need to get somewhere close by just walk.  You know you have thought of this before but just decide to do it now.

The results you look for might come easier than you think. Substituting for more active lifestyle could be enough. You might integrate cycling into your life, take the stair or similar alternatives.  This is why it is called a lifestyle.

But here is the catch,

We already said too much and too intense is counterproductive but you would still benefit from an occasional strength training exercises.(5)

Along with an active lifestyle, it is highly recommended that you do some strength training.(6)  The more muscle you have more calories you will burn.  Not only will you lose more weight but you would also help the insulin resistance.(7)  You will benefit from occasional moderate to high-intensity exercises.(8) This could be lifting heavier weights or taking a strength requiring sports life mountain climbing. However, these intense activities should be limited to a max of 3 times a week. Your body requires time to heal after these intense exercises.

It is repeated over and over again that there is no such thing as a target fat loss(localized). To your body, a fat reserve is the same all around and is used as much as it is needed. But what you can do is with strength training, the muscles there will firm up. If you add that to a general weight reduction then the targeted area will look and feel more fit. With PCOS it is very common to have a pear shape body with a belly that jiggles a bit more than it should.  So if you have target areas this method can help out. But again, don’ go overboard.

What to eat when exercising?

Checking out the nutrition page should provide enough information.  Put simply, eat enough protein so your body can heal itself.  Eat the good kind of carbs for fuel but control the portion. When eating carbs or meals in general usually you need less than you consume. Don’t worry about whether you are under-nourished in terms of carbs.
A thing to consider is the timing of meals. You don’t really have to worry about eating proteins just before or right after your body has the capacity to regulate its nutrient income. However keeping 3-4 hours between any snack or meal would help regulate the insulin issue.   If you have PCOS you do not want to aggravate your insulin resistance.

Micronutrients are also crucial. Keep your magnesium and Vit D3’s in check. Especially if you are feeling particularly fatigued at winter times or if you get muscle spasms get some tests done to see if you have deficiencies. If you do. It is great news because both are very easy to replenish either via supplements or whole foods.

Doing sports make you use more oxygen but it also means more oxidative stress that’s why you need anti-inflammatories end antioxidants to reduce the inflammation and to reduce the bad effects of oxygen in your body.

As an anti-inflammatory turmeric and ginger works miracles. It is a strong taste but it is versatile. It goes into teas, dishes, smoothies and even desserts.   Have some red berries or green tea or any other highly popularized antioxidants. They are delicious.


  • Just do it, NOW! It will grow on you in time but now if you need to, force it.  When you do it a few times it won’t feel forced.
  • Get this printable reminder of the benefits of sports for PCOS
  • Just walk to the close by places. Or bike
  • Have a good playlist for a higher intensity excuse and have a more meditative and relaxed list of tune that will enhance your evening stroll. Maybe try your luck with some podcasts or audiobooks.
  • Find your calling, in sports. Find something that you don’t force but you have fun with.
  • Try different things. Yoga, badminton, horseback riding, climbing, archery, volcano boarding. Find something you have not done before.
  • Find a partner. We are collaborative creatures after all. A good friend might be the push you need.
  • Shut the curtains and just dance. Dance only for yourself.

Comments, questions, or you already have experienced this and you want to add.
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