Best Drinks to Heal PCOS?


Water is essential for human life. You need hydration as human but with PCOS you need to have plenty of fluids at all time in order for your body to properly eliminate the toxic income. Environmental toxic factors may be a cause for your symptoms. You are more thirsty than you think.

Lemon Water

This is one of the most cliche detox tip ever.   But there is solid reasoning behind it. A glass of lemon water each morning is great for digestion, inflammation, immune function, glowing skin and even a cleaner breath.
 Also, it is very easy to integrate into your life.

Herbal tea in general

They are warm like a hug from inside. They are calming and more importantly they are healing a huge variety of issues.  Moreso, they help with anovulation and obesity. (1)  Teas vary in effectiveness depending on the health issue you are facing.

Green tea

It is an antioxidant, gives energy, cleanses, helps digestion. Yes, it is magic. How it relates to us is with weight loss, cholesterol (2), insulin issues and cardiovascular risks (3). Obese women showed significant weight loss and lowered free testosterone (4). Though it is worth mentioning that this alone did not show too drastic results (5)  It is also helpful with the inflammation (6)

Spearmint tea

This tea won’t help with all of your symptoms but it will drastically help with the androgen related issues. Women with PCOS have high androgens and therefore acne, excess hair and balding. Spearmint is a miracle in this regard.  Though it is not a quick fix. It takes at least a month to show results but in most women it does show results. (7)


A refreshing solution for when regular teas seem a bit too hot. Possibilities are endless. Try adding herbs and spices into the mix. A perfect combo would be mint,  lemon and green tea.

Shakes and smoothies

When you make a great sugar balanced delicious smoothie or shake it would fill you up and would be an amazing nutritional boost at the same time. Especially if you incorporate some spices like cinnamon or turmeric. They are good for the immune system, good for the inflammation, good for keeping the blood sugar in check. Check out some of these recipes.

Red wine

Alcohol is on the avoid list but if you will drink something. Red wine in moderation might be a pretty good option due to anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant qualities.


This is a doubtful one. Coffee is shown to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, and it is a great antioxidant. (8) Sound great however caffeine is a stimulant and especially in excess, it is rough on the adrenal glands.  Decaf is a better option.


  • Switch up your water. Add some cucumber or berries or cold teas or try a straw.
  • Try some honey for a natural antibacterial sweetner. Just be careful not to put it in hot beverages it lowers the effectiveness.
  • Increase your fluid intake if you are over-worked, tired or stressed.
  • If you are drinking a lot of water, consider taking some electrolytes like salt or magnesium to rebalance.


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