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a cleanse from inside out

Why do you need to detox?

Genetics and the environmental factors are shown to be the reason behind PCOS. Environmental factors are much easier to change than genetics. The recent rise in the number of women with PCOS may be due to the higher level of toxicity.
The human body has a remarkable ability to cleanse themselves, under normal standards. Tragically, now with the toxicity in the environment, the toxic input is much higher than what we can eliminate.
Toxins get into your body when you,
Breathe in (1),
Eat food (2)and
Through your skin and eyes (3) (4)
We are all interdependent. Remember the “food chain” from the science classes. It is the similar idea but instead of a valuable exchange of nutrition, there is an exchange of nasty toxins. This is called bioaccumulation.  If there is toxicity in the waters, obviously you might drink it directly but there are many more subtle ways. Here is an example


toxic build


How to Eliminate?

Since toxins are bad for you, as they dislodge from your organs or fat deposits into your blood stream they have a risk of doing more harm as they are eliminated.  As an individual, you should weigh the risks to the advantages and ask a medical professional for any questions.
It’s usually better to start with the;


Milder Options

  • detoxifying drinks  vinegar-water, lemon-water, detoxifying teas like… coriander neem parsley green tea, juices smoothies
  • detoxifying supplement chlorella coriander, charcoal, clay
  • sauna and heat therapies; helps with the secretion of growth hormone and better use of glycogen. 
  • exercise
  • dry brushing
  • Epsom salt
  • neti pot
  • oil pulling
  • lymphatic massage
  • clay mask
  • air out your room
  • get sun spend time in nature

Comments, questions, or you already have experienced this and you want to add.
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