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6 steps for getting rid of unwanted hair forever

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We try so hard to look like we have no hair anywhere on our body except for the hair and eyebrows. This is obviously not true. We walk this earth with all our beauty and glory, rocking the summer dresses while hiding the pain that we endured to look so smooth. 

I need to pluck my eyebrows, tweeze my mustache, go to the laser treatment for my hairy legs. It’s constantly occupying space in our heads, in our wallets and most of the methods are just too painful. With PCOS all of these increase as the unwanted hair does.

Don’t worry,  this page won’t tell you the stuff you already know, like bleaching your thighs or plucking the strange hair. It will, however, go through the ways to get rid of them permanently.

Why are you hairy?

In short, PCOS related hirsutism in women, have darker and coarser hairs instead of the fine and light ones.

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Your Options

You can get hormonal therapy and/or cosmetic procedures. Hormonal therapy is a medical treatment. These options work internally as you ingest artificial hormones or receptor blockers.

If your hirsutism due to your PCOS than the treatments for it will in time positively affect your hair issues. Maybe try these drinks, supplements, exercises, or psychology tricks.

Still, you might need cosmetic procedures.

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hairy womenBe body positive regardless of your body type. If you have not decided to embrace your fur then you have tried some if not all of these options.

Then again if you are still online looking for ways to get rid of it then you have not won your fight with your own follicles.

With PCOS all of the plucking and shaving works though the hair grows back much faster. Permanent solutions like laser and electrolysis, however, seem to yield inconsistent results.

With laser, some of the dormant follicles are woken, at initial stages, you might feel like it’s doing the opposite of what it is supposed to. And it is very frustrating.

How to make laser work for you?

Simply, Find the right place for you. Commit to it. After the laser, be willing to do electrolysis.

Here are 6 things to keep in mind:

1. No two people are the same.

Balance your expectations. Hirsutism is a hormonal issue. PCOS does mean that your hormones will make things harder for permanent clearance. Though it is possible it might take more time and effort and of course money.

2. Find the right machine.

Especially depending on your skin tone. Darker skin tones might work better with IPL, Nd-YAG. Lighter skins might get better results with alexandrite.

3. Find the right specialist

Look at the reviews of the place. Check the ratings. Do some good-old-fashioned internet stalking.

4. Go for the safer methods

When in doubt go for the safest route, not the fastest. Usually, the Nd- YAG laser is accepted to be the safest.

5. Laser might not be a permanent solution

FDA only sees electrolysis as a permanent solution. The laser is a faster, less painful and slightly more affordable solution compared to electrolysis. However, the last few standing might require electrolysis.

6. Re-arrange your expectations.

If your hormones are still out of balance cosmetic issues like hair will continue to haunt you. When it is all done you might need some session annually. Though it is still much more convenient compared to before.


  • winter is the best season for laser or electrolysis sessions
  • reduce sun exposure
  • put on sunscreen to avoid hyperpigmentation.
remember tips

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    1. Well most of the time yes. It is much less painful to get the most out of the way with laser. And most dolicle to respond well. Though if you are going for silky smooth then probably yes, you will need electrolysis. You can try some topical creams or meditation tecniques. They help a lot. Good luck.

      1. I tried electrolysis on with everything. Arms, legs, mustache and yes it does hurt but it is bearable. I could last for about 45 mins each session. I find it to be effective it just takes longer sessions. And do keep away from the sun.

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