Insulin Resistance (Type 2 Diabetes) and PCOS

“Women with PCOS are more susceptible to display elevated insulin levels. Hyperinsulinemia occurs in approximately 80% of obese PCOS women, as well as in 30% to 40% of lean PCOS women. “

Let’s look at the science.

Functioning Insulin Biology:

insulin normal

Carbohydrates and most sugars are broken to glucose (simple sugar) (1).  Pancreas sees this and signals for insulin.  Insulin helps turn sugars into energy. Simple right.


Things get a bit trickier with PCOS.


So PCOS can cause insulin resistance (type2 diabetes) (2). Systems start similarly with some glucose and insulin but when there is the resistance cells fail to do their magic to give you energy (=>fatigue) and you have higher levels of sugar in your body (=>high blood-sugar). When your body sees too much sugar floating around you secrete more insulin (=>hyperinsulinema). Too much insulin is linked with hormonal imbalances (3)(4)(=>hyperandrogenism =>PCOS) So there is a loop now. Insulin resistance and PCOS strengthening one another.

Oh and to add to that too much sugar when not turned into energy it just means you gain weight(=>excess fat). And too much fat means insulin resistance. Obesity has been numerously linked to insulin resistance (5).  So that is the second loop. Excess fat aggravates PCOS. Insulin resşstance (type 2 diabetes) aggravates PCOS.

From this picture we are left with two take aways.

  1. Avoid too much sugar and carbs.  Learn how to here.
  2. Get to or stay within your healthy weight.  Losing a little weight can be the only solution you need sometimes (6)(7). Lere you can find out additional reasons to loose weight and also some tips on how to here



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