Face Wash

This really simple recipe works wonders. The only reason I did not do this years ago is because it sounded just too easy of a recipe to work. But it works.

Just put honey any water and use it instead of your face wash. If you have acne prone skin you can add a few drops of tea tree. But even without, the antibacterial proppeties of honey will work really well. And since you wont be completely taking away the natural oil layer of your face, like most commercial face washes do, your face will gradually stop producing excess sebum and oil. So stick to it and from a few days to a few months, the number could change but you will see results.

3 tbsp Honey
1 tbsp Water
A few drops of essential oils. (tea tree, lavander)

Put everthing in a container. Mix well close the cap when you are done.

Some things to note:
Even without the essential oils it works.
It lasts for ever.
It is easier to make it at home than to go buy.
When you go out and forget to bring your cleanser, chances are there is some honey in the house.
All honeys work. You do not need fancy manuka honey. Though anything natural is always better.
What you eat [ ] and not eat and all the needless stress [ ] is something you want to adress for any skin condition. Starts from the inside out.

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