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Why you can't lose weight when you have PCOS?

  •  Women with PCOS has a much lower calorie consumption. Which means that you are an efficient machine that doesn't need too much food. Or it means that you are an unlucky bunch that will store fat much easier than the rest (2). Depends on the perception.
  • You will have a lot of cravings because of the insulin resistance issue.  This leads to an excessive caloric intake.
  • And more good news;   With PCOS you don't have a working control mechanism. The signaling hormones that tell you that you are full is not functioning (3)
  • To add onto it, it is actually harder for the already obese women with PCOS to lose weight compared to lean women with PCOS(4).
So you have some great excuses to be overweight (1)., you have science backing you up, but still you don't need to be.

Why do you need to lose weight when you have PCOS?

This paper alone can be an answer for this.

The research says that PCOS is on the rise is because of the rise in obesity.  Probably, it is a bit of a simplification. Though there are other factors, surely obesity seems to be very high on the list. It is also harder to monitor the treatment and the changes in obese women especially if your BMI (Body Mass Index) is above 30. The paper comes to the conclusion that women should be encouraged to lose weight before even starting the medical treatment. And this is a medical paper.
  •  In this amazing and simple study, it states. When you lose weight (especially if you have a little too much), you will have a very very high chance of getting your period back.(5)
  • It improves your chance of fertility.
  • The excess testosterone will drop
  • and so will the excess insulin. (6)
  • This means, less hair in unwanted areas, less acne, and with insulin resistance issues better, you will have an easier time controlling your weight.
So if you have extra baggage, just a bit of healthy eating and exercise might be the only change you require. Sometimes losing as low as 5% show improvements.

So How?

Maybe start by cutting back on carbs that will have the bonus of helping the insulin issue. (7) Take a look around the site for more tips on how to. Start from the nutrition page then check the exercise advice or the recipe book for easy yet delicious stuff.
Just know that it is very much possible to see big results with small changes.
Share your thoughts and tips in the comments.
I will reply.
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