Carbs and sweets are just gifts from above. They give quick energy and make you feel good.  Plus, they are extremely delicious.  So you have a right to hate anyone who would want to take them away from you.

Lucky for me I will not do that.
Too many mixed information online. Do I eat carbs or not? Do I eliminate sugar completely? Should I exercise like a crazy person to get my period? Is this how life will be like from now on?

The science:

In a Normal Functioning Biology:

Carbohydrates are broken to glucose(sugar).  Pancreas sees this and signals for insulin.  Insulin helps turn sugars into energy.
Eating carbs and sugars will increase your insulin so it is a very effective quick fix for fatigue. Sounds too good to be true. Because it is especially when you have insulin resistance or PCOS or both.

Biology of someone with PCOS:

Your body does not know how to use its insulin to get energy.  So you can not get away with loading yourself with fast energy food(carbs and sweets). Your body will have a harder time using the energy and therefore be more inclined to store it.
There is more than one way to heal yourself via nutrition. You just have to find what works for you and what you can keep up with it.

"But How?"

First be aware or your craving and see it for what it is an ADDICTION. Commit to it. Then you get two options.

  1.  gradually lessen the intake.  Say you eat a dessert after each dinner.
  2. all of a sudden

General Tips

  • Smaller carb portions.
  • Do some exercise that will get rid of the excess glucose build.
  • Water; loads of it. It helps you detox from the effects of sugar. Refreshes you when you are at the peak of craving. Keeps you full. Link to water
  • If you are going to eat sugar or carbs do it earlier in the day. So a cookie after lunch is better than a cookie after dinner.
  • Trick yourself into liking healthy deserts. Check the Cookbook for some yummy and healthy recipes.  Of course much more online
  • Look into good sources of sugar.  Though all carbs and sugars will be bad in excess good quality sources can perhaps substitute.
  • Dark chocolate, Very high levels of cacao 85+ will be somewhere between 2% of sugar. not so bad. Since it is very rich in taste very little will suffice. Bonus, cacao is loaded with magnesium. which you really need to keep an eye on.
  • Stevia sound too good to be true. Calorie free, natural, but especially for women with PCOS it might not be the best idea. It may affect your hormone balance.It's no surprise that it has been used as a contraceptive. Could even cause cancer. Especially the stevia-based sweeteners.  They are usually more corn syrup than anything else (1)(2)

potatoes pcos tip

Comments, questions, or you already have experienced this and you want to add.
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